The First Upper Egypt Angel Network

WHY JOIN Nile Angles ?

Helping you to know the available chances of investments.

Helping you find new & different opportunities in market.

participating in mentoring and due diligence process Achieving high return on investment (ROI).

Appropriate valuation of startups with reasonable terms.

Connecting with Upper Egypt Investors Where partnerships and sharing experience is evolved.

Build strong relationships with Upper Egypt entrepreneurs.

Selection Criteria

We are looking for innovative Startups that provide new products/services . The nature of each investment will vary but Nile Angels will evaluate Start –ups according to the following

  • the startups must have strong competitive advantages

  • The products/services must fit the market and havemarket Shares

  • Startups must have prior Financial models about its performance

  • Startups must have scalable and strong business model.

  • Effective business plan with true milestones have a good chance to get investments because it demonstrates how startups will use Funds.

  • Startups with high growth potential attract investors.

  • Management Teams:
  • We are looking for innovative entrepreneurs where passion ,commitment , high performance leadership ,dedication exists.

  • Innovation:
  • Startups must have innovation part in idea or business model.


Call for investment

startups apply online in Nile Angels website and Attach their Business Plans.

Filtration Process

Nile Angels will filter and select the promising startups

Pitching Process

Startups will deliver a pitching to investors.

Interview Process

Nile Angels will conduct meeting with Selected startups where a more in depth discussion will occur on the key issues affecting the future success of the business.

Due Dilligence

Nile angels will verify the statements made in business model ,the business plan, presentation, and financial projections.

Term sheet Negotiation

Nile Angels negotiate with selected startups to defines the structure of the investment deal .


Closing the deal is only the beginning of the angel funding process ,the selected startups will get investment to grow and scale .


Who is angel investor?

  • Wealthy business owners who invest their private funds in promising startups and who are risk takers.

How do Investors reduce the risk of angel investing ?

  • Risk can be reduced by diversifying across a broad portfolio of angel investments.

Can angel Investor borrowed money to invest in startups?

  • No ,because angel investing is risky and investors use some of their own funds .

what will the investors get when invest in startups ?

  • Investor will get shares equity

How do you get membership in Nile Angels ?

  • Apply online in Nile Angel Website and Nile angels will call you to complete the membership process .

Who will select and Evaluate Promising Start- ups ?

  • Nile angels team and advisory members will participate in selection process and due diligence .
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