Nile Angels

Nile Angels is the first Angel Network in Upper Egypt with focus on angel investment where it aims to invest in local start-ups and support entrepreneurs. Nile Angels creates investment community that helps investors enter new markets and invest in innovative start-ups a ways from traditional business where high return on investment is achieved , also to enhance the opportunities for entrepreneurs to be financed and accelerated to market leadership . Nile Angels provides more than fund, it brings consulting ,mentoring ,Connections ,knowledge ,empowerment to turn startups into a sustainable and successful business.


is an entrepreneurial venture which is typically a newly emerged business that aims to meet a marketplace need by developing innovative business model around a product, service, process or a platform. Most start ups need fund in its early stage to continue and scale so one of the best ways of funding is angel investing which is located between family and friends fund and venture capital ,also some entrepreneurs may turn to banks to get loans .

What We Bring


Nile Angels works as a catalyst between investors and entrepreneurs where angel investors participate in build Upper Egypt s economy and entrepreneurs solving challenges that face their community actively ,also Nile Angels members are successfully business owners and executives who have an interest in mentoring , also they collaborate in the due diligence and investing in innovative high risk startups .


Nile Angels is actively seeking promising startups to scale ,it provides consulting services like marketing research ,feasibility studies ,business plans ,branding ,marketing plans ,financial plans ,operations plans ,management plans ,human resources plans ,business models.


Nile Angels provides technical and business mentoring for startups where startups can receive trainings ,workshops ,one on one mentoring .

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